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About us

We have been cruise enthousiast for almost 20 years, and still going strong. So we know a thing or two about cruising.
What has always been a challenge was finding a cruise line that fits us perfectly.

There are tons of websites that tell you a lot about cruises, itiniraries, cruise ships and also cruise lines. There are even pages that give you a style-based options to find a cruise line that fits your needs. But we wanted to go a step further, because these websites are in that case all relatively static. We wanted to bring together a bunch of information and poor this into a filter-search engine so that you have optimum control. This idea has become www.cruisescanner.com which is now online.

Work in progress

Since the cruise industry never stops, this means this website is also a work in progress and will never be finished.


Are you missing information? Do you feel that certain choices we made are not logical? Or do you have something else to tell us? Please share that with us via our contact form. We, and all of your fellow cruise enthousiasts, will appreciate your input very much.

About the filter options

How it works

There are three options to find your best cruise line:

  1. On the home page: use the dropdown menu to choose a style.
    This serves only as a starting point for your search. Based on the results from this filter, you can narrow down your results by choosing other options (don’t forget to click the Submit button!)
  2. Our predefined shortcuts.
    These are combinations of several filter options based on general profiles of cruise enthousiast. Based on these results you can narrow down your results further by choosing other options (don’t forget to click the Submit button!)
  3. Our filter page where you can choose all available filters (don’t forget to click the Submit button!)

Broad filtering (a.k.a. short tail)

Broad filtering gives you the maximum amount of filter results. For instance: If you choose the filter option Romantic you will get all the cruise lines that are a fit for some sort of a romantic get away. This can be a sailing boat from Windstar Cruises but also one of the ships from Princess Cruises or Celebrity Cruises.

The cruise lines that come up as results of these options might be miles apart and don’t feel like they are comparable, but they are a fit for you based on that one filter option.

Look at it like this: When you go to a car dealer to buy a red car, you might end up with a red Mazda. But based on your preference it could also be a red Ferrari.

Narrow filtering (a.k.a. long tail)

Narrow filtering gives you the best results based on your (multiple) preferences. So we advice you to use narrow filtering. This is how it works: If you choose Romantic + Casual + Large (ship) the result might show Celebrity Cruises. But Windstar Cruises and Princess Cruises will not show up in the results because they don’t match your preferences.

Look at it like this: When you go to the car dealer and you tell them that you want to buy a red, fast car, you are more likely to end up with the red Ferrari.

So the filter results are not a comparison between the cruise lines as a whole, but only a comparison based of your chosen filters.

Submit and Reset results

To submit your preferences you have to click on the Submit button. If you want to reset (delete) your filters, press Reset.

What is missing?

When you look at all of the filters on the filter page, you will notice that some features like for instance activities and/or food are missing. This is for a practical reason.

Indexing all of the cruise lines is a major task. A task which we have taken on us. And we are still working on that. Despite the fact that different cruise lines do offer different features like activities and food/beverage. The fact is that the gross of these features are the same across all of the cruise lines. They are only different in a few ways. So it makes no sense indexing all of these different options which will confuse you (and us!). Beside that there are multiple websites only that offer these detailed information like the cruise lines own website and other resources. So we came up with an other solution.

Style and type of traveler

Despite us offering quit a few filter options to narrow down your quest for your next cruise line, we are not going nitty-gritty all the way. The most important filter options to find your perfect cruise line are style and traveler. This last one can be explained as party or ‘suitable for’.

The question we asked ourselves here was, while indexing of – and making value judgements on – all cruise lines, was: “For which type of traveler will this cruise line be perfect?“.

So, when you select ‘families’ in the appropriate section, you can rest asure that there are plenty of activities for both young and old. And that the cruise line is very suitable for families.

A note about families. During school vacations almost every cruise line welcomes families with children. So even on a cruise line dedicated to mature travelers you might see children during school vacations.

We agree, there might be some bias. Some might not agree. That is why we keep updating our database to enhance the quality of the database. But we think this is the best way to start your search.

Cross-referenced filter results

The beautiful thing about our solution is that you can use the other filters to narrow down your search. Not all cruise lines go to Alaska, for instance. Or not all cruise lines offer smaller, more intimate ships. Your filter selection is cross-referenced for the best results, and in these combinations lie the true strength of our solution for you. A solution you have all control over! And that is nice, because your might have different wishes and needs that someone else. That is the power of Cruise Line Scanner!

What are shortcuts?

Shortcuts are the fastest way to your perfect cruise line. They can serve as a starter point to narrow down your search even further. What we have done is combine a few interesting filters so you can find, in just one click, a suitable cruise line for your next vacation.

Legend (under construction)

This section will provide you with a clear and concrete explanation about what all the filters actually mean. We are stil working on this. More is to follow. Stay tuned.

Ship size

We have divided ship sizes in five sections. These are based on a maximum number of guests.

Little: up to ~500

Small: ~500 to ~1500 guests

Medium: ~1500 to ~2500 guests

Large: ~2500 tot ~4000 guests

Mega: More than ~4000 guests


Rating is subjective. We have tried to adhere to online resources about ratings. However, there is not a common and clear rating system we could use. So we used various (online) sources. So the ratings are approximates.


Price is subjective. We have tried to adhere to online resources about prices as well as our own research. Nonetheless this means that the price indication is merely an indication.


Style is one of the most important filter options of our website. Styles are personal. They fit your wishes or the don’t. Combining various styles will show you your perfect cruise line.

But what do the mean? Here are the answers:

Active: information will follow

Culinary: information will follow

Boutique: information will follow

Casual: information will follow

Solo cruiser friendly: information will follow

Romantic: information will follow

Destination: destination styled cruise lines take you to famous destinations. The focus lies on these destinations.

Traditional: information will follow

Speciality: information will follow

Modern: information will follow

Luxury: information will follow

Relaxed: information will follow

Learning: information will follow

Cultural: it says it all. A cruise line that offers itineraries to cultural hotspots and interesting place. For instance the Holly Land or Rome. The difference between Destination and Cultural lies mainly in the cultural element of the destination.

Sailing: information will follow

Adventure: cruise line that will take you off the beaten path. A step down from expeditions.

Expedition: an expedition style cruise line that offers expedition itineraries on board (primarily) expedition ships. Think outdoors, zodiac and nature.

Lively: a lively and dynamic cruise line. Noisy, loud deck parties and more.

High end: superlative of luxury. Outstanding service and quality. Almost always synonymous with a large, filled wallet

Information and sources

Like we said before, we made a lot of value judgements in the process. It is not science, after all.

We based our judgements on a large amount of information we found on the internet. That means that we sometimes excluded certain options for a particular cruise line.

For example. Families are welcome on practical all the cruise lines. But if you are looking for a family focussed vacation, certain lines are not the best for you. So we excluded them.

We appreciate all of your feedback to improve this filter-search engine. Are you missing information? Do you feel that certain choices we made are not logical? Or do you have something else to tell us? Please share that with us via our contact form. We, and all of your fellow cruise enthousiasts, will appreciate your input very much.



We brought all the information together in our filter-search engine. However, the information is always subjective in nature. We use different sources as well as our own experience and insights. So it may be possible that you would rate some of the elements differently. We are not and can not be held accountable for any wrong information from this website.

Used sources

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the following sources (in random order):















Photo credits

We would like to thank the following photo contributors:

Homepage: Photo by jonathan leonardo on Unsplash

All landing pages (except for those mentioned below): Ship photo created by welcomia – www.freepik.com

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Carnival: Image by Andrew Ramit from Pixabay

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