Celebrity Cruises

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Celebrity Cruises signature feature

Outdoor lawns covered with real grass and camp at sea

Celebrity Cruises is a smart casual cruiseline with Greece roots. Celebrity is a modern premium cruise liner that offers a wide variety of cultural and dining experiences in a luxury setting. They have fully embraced the LGBTQ community which emphasizes their modern twist. Did you know they also offer expedition style cruises?

Cruise Style Celebrity Cruises

Luxury, Expedition, Learning, Relaxed, Modern, Culinary, Speciality, Romantic, Casual

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Families, Couples, Groups, Mature

*This does not necessarily exclude other guest

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Little, Medium, Large


Alaska, Asia, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Panama Canal, South America, New Zealand, South Pacific, Pacific, Galapagos

Language on board: English