TUI Cruises

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All inclusive health and fitness

TUI Cruises signature feature

Self acclaimed premium all-inclusive

Tui Cruises is a German cruise line that focusses on German speaking guests. Overall they draw an older crowd. Tui cruises offer a premium all-inclusive formula which means that drinks, fitness, wellness and gratuities (amongst others) are included in the price. Tui cruises are can be recognized by their names: “Mein Schiff” followed by a number.

When looking for Tui cruise you will often come across the name Marella. This may be somewhat confusing. Marella is a brand of Tui UK. You can find more about Marella on this page.

Cruise Style TUI Cruises

Active, Relaxed, Casual

Perfect for*

Singles/solo, Families, Couples, Mature

*This does not necessarily exclude other guest

Ship sizes

Medium, Large


Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Orient, Repositioning, Dubai, Far East, Baltic, North America, Central America

Language on board: German